Patriotic Sin?

Today and people are condemning being patriotic regarding the all the issues surrounding kneeling during the National Anthem.  I am perplexed about this.  I get the protests and using seemingly the only voice that NFL players have, but when other religious types affirm this action and link patriotism to idolatry I cringe.

When Scripture is usurped by our flag or even our constitution, and used in the ‘name’ of God we break at least two commandments.  Put no other gods before me and take the Lord’s name in vain but I see a clear distinction of respect, honor, and pride juxtaposed to idolatry.

As an Asian American follower of Jesus, I can clearly function in a society, with a theological clear conscious, when I am in relationship (commune/fellowship, Im searching for a word to use) a community of  Buddhist, Hindi, non-believer, et. al., and still respect their practices, beliefs and culture even though I don’t agree with them.  I can freely navigate veneration without worship.  Respect to that community gives me a platform to share my allegiance to Christ.

Now as for rights to kneel:

Yes, they have the ‘right to kneel’ in protest, but the ‘companies’ they work for also have the ‘right’ to define how players conduct themselves.  This is the beauty of free a market and they are beholden to the market and not the government on this issue.  We’ll see how the power of free market effects the NFL’s franchise to keep both customers and sponsors.

Now for the first time in my life, I look forward to the NBA to see how they will navigate this…

Afterthought:  Last night 9/29/2017 I attended the Long Beach Poly and Wilson High School football game.  I saw a very broad ethnic demographic on the field and in the stands.  During the National Anthem, there was a respectful hush…I only perceived one person not standing…he was a photographer laying down to get a better video angle of all the boys with helmets off and standing with respect…

No I idolatry here…just one nation under God.

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