TahmiJoh’s Core Memories

Yes, this is inspired by the movie “Inside Out” (2015).  One concept that really struck me was about “Core Memories” and if we lose them, we lose our a significant part of our identity.  I’m going to capture some of these by chronology and categories.

0-4 Years:

  • Stepping on a bee and getting stung.  North side of Bellefontaine house.
  • Pooping on the south side of porch.  I remember knocking frantically on the door and no one answered…do I had to do what I had to do.  Later I learned that Mike had to clean it up!  I do remember the shovel!
  • Japanese Garden in front, visiting the nursing home next to us, the trees, some of the houses on Bellefontaine. Flying the toy airplane in the Huntington Hospital Parking lot.
  • 3 or so, getting shocked after putting the key in the outlet at Garfield.  I remember the blue flash and brunette fingers.   I remember the round light fixtures in the classroom and hall way.
  • Razor on my left pinky…still have the scar.  Uncle Sei didn’t hid that too well!
  • Seeing my dad work in the ‘basement office.  Smell of ammonia from blue print machine.
  • The shed in the back by the swing set with all that junk….including a ‘bowling’ arcade game that I couldn’t use.  Was there a huge eucalyptus tree by the gas pumps?
  • Riding Trikes, playing with corn starch, naps at Special 4 and pre-school
  • Burying Catharine or a puppy in the garden (southside of driveway).  Growing sweetpeas near there
  • Dad getting hit in the head with the crane ball when lifting a sego tree.
  • That trailer for the tractor and how it pivoted when you got to the end.  And also remember when it fell and now I have a scar on my left cheek.
  • Dr. Ogawa for stitches…
  • Christmas in my crib
  • Asking for a bottle
  • Staple in my finger but I didn’t cry
  • Surf fishing with dad
  • The smell of his clothes and that weird hard hat
  • Fishing in the ponds at Descanso Gardens with Mike….caught blue gill
  • LA Count Fair and me being dressed in a Kellogue  Fertilizer Costume (per dad).  Getting lost there…
  • The green kitchen table
  • Getting poked at grandpa or grandma’s burial service by a wire
  • Mochizuki and cleaning ducks in the backyard
  • Someone shooting out the back of the station waggon
  • Sliding down freshly folded news papers right before cousins delivered them on their paper route.
  • Riding the tractor with dad at Bamiko’s
  • Gardening routes, sprinkler main at Altadena Presbyterian, Trailer park development (Especially Carson).  Cutting my hand on alfalfa there.
  • 2nd Street office…”Imperial Mobile Estates
  • Red quarters used for washing machine repairs
  • The Elkaim’s apartment.
  • Hanging out with Troop 41 on outings.  Mr. Skinner, “watermelon creek.”  Baths on the tail gate.  Getting burnt at ???Hot Springs.
  • Perch derbies and Santa Barbara
  • “Barbara” my mythical friend
  • Rose Parade on the back of the truck.
  • Fishing on the pier…with no rails

5-8 years

  • Red rug in the TV room
  • The yard full of plants and watering them from the top and bottom.
  • The Honda 50 in the back yard next to the fertilizer stacks.  The smell of DTD in the garage.
  • Snoopy Room!
  • Oshogatsu at our house
  • Going to Union Church and singing in the Sunday school hall.  Playing with the office safe with Jon Toriumi.  Miss Kakimi helping with my penmanship.
  • Walking to Jefferson Primary: Miss May (1st), Mrs. Montgomery (2nd), Mrs. Markarian (3rd)   Nancy Udder and Halloween.  Donna Brennen and in the Jungle
  • Watching the old Jefferson building getting torn down and building the new one in its place.  Mr. Bronson’s owls and paddle.




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