On Guns

I own guns.  Some are beautiful historical pieces and some are functional.

One of the reasons I own guns is what the government “can do” and “can’t do.”

What the government “can” do.

Part of the original arguments of the Second Amendment was to bring some balance of power to the people in relationship to the power of the state.  The framers of the constitution who lived under tyranny understood that the common population would be “subject’ to the government if that government would be only entity to bear arms.  The government can easily take away it citizens rights if it only fears the vote…  The government ‘can’ take away rights, but a populace with strength can more easily force a democratic and protect it from a tyrannical solution.  I trust the government….sort of.  Having the right to bear arms helps insure that.

What the government “can’t do.”

The government cannot always be there for me in a time if crisis.  There have been a few situations in my home and traveling where it was nice to know that I could have the option to defend myself if needed.  In calling the police, even in haste, too them way to long to respond.  Knowing that I could have protected my self avoided me from becoming a victim.

If you experienced the LA Riots or any other public disturbance, you in fact know how alone you were.  In time of significant turmoil, the government can’t be there for you.  The practicality of caring for your family is unfortunately necessary.

I am not saying that YOU have to get a gun…but what I am saying, is that I continue to be a proponent of having the right to bear arms.  I also support some reasonability of proving gun ownership such as background checks, mental stability, competence training, and type of fire arm.



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